Friday, November 25, 2005

I... rock. That pun is only funny (or not) if you speak German though.

66328496_36377c6fc3_o A skirt! Look! A skirt!
(Also, it's my birthday. Closer and closer to 30!)

And, excitingly, I made it myself. And it does not even look like I did! Because, you see, I feared that it would come out as something shapeless and sacklike that I'd only wear once or twice, somewhere not-too-public, because I wouldn't want to admit that even though I put quite a bit of time (and cursing and throwing into corners and despairing and starting over) into it, it had been a complete waste of time and sparkly tweed.

But (even though it is a tiny bit too loose on me and if I feel patient and motivated enough, I'll fix that later) it looks nice. So I'm remarkably proud of it now! There are even plans already to reuse the pattern (a Burda easy fashion pattern, by the way) in another color.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

illusion knitting

seen from above

seen from the side

Seeing this in the Stitch'n Bitch book, I couldn't really imagine it, so I tried it - but as a pillow case, not as a scarf, and without the poisonous-looking green. The only problem is that after sitting on it a couple of times, the effect is a little destroyed and difficult to fluff up again to make the alien reappear... washing might help but I did the seams so neatly that it will be difficult.