Sunday, July 6, 2008

Making All Things New

schräg betrachtetRückansicht

I had these jeans lying around for a while - handed down (or rather: saved from being given away) and then relocated to a quiet corner. The material is nice, soft from years of enduring washing machines from the inside, but the cut was terrible. So terrible that there is not even a "before" picture (even though I regret that now) - the sort of tapered leg cut with a very wide thigh that just does not look flattering from any angle.

But they were nice around the waist, and, as I said, nice and soft... today, I finally turned them into the skirt. Two or three weeks ago, I discovered that Polish sewing supplies (like the black lace) are still affordable - after looking at the price of something similar at a German warehouse, I'd quickly given up on the plan.

I quite like the result! And took advantage of the sewing machine already being out on the table to hem a tablecloth and shorten a pair of jeans, both of which have been lying around new and unused and awaiting that last minimal bit of work.

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