Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Creative Androidery

My phone needed a home: All this touch-screen fanciness made it seem quite vulnerable to the rough life inside spacious handbags. But of course, it couldn't be just any home - little Androids are vain and have a strongly developped fashion sense. So an Android portrait it had to be, of course, and just to amuse myself, I used a "Teach yourself Java" book during its creation in order to attach the little feltbot to the corduroy, pre-stitching.

I'm ridiculously fond of this.

I also have (robot-free) plans for a skirt (that has been half-finished for over a year now) and a dress (not yet started, but I did bravely enter a fabric shop for it and managed the entire transaction from explaining what I wanted to the lady's recommendations to the actual purchase in Polish. So no matter the result, I'm already proud.)

Only that now, the evenings are mild and warm and beg to be used for walks and open-air beer consumption! I'll have to try and squeeze in some time...

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