Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The concept of summer

Outside my window, it is bright and sunny and I discovered during a brief trip to Tesco's that it is absolutely and amazingly lovely outside. Only that I am in bed with some sort of fluish migraine. And if I wasn't in bed, I'd be in the office.
So summer is quite wasted on me, but I do appreciate the concept. It's a bit hard to find any truly summery motif inside my apartment for my daily virtual polaroid so I'll turn to my window sill and document one of the coolest things about living in Dublin: You can get on public transportation and in 30 minutes, it takes you right to the beach, where you can find nice seashells and stare at the horizon and think of New York. Let's hope that there will be a weekend soon that allows me to take advantage of that! For now, looking at maritime souvenirs will have to do.


Maroussia said...

I like!

Anke said...

Thank you, Maroussia! :) Yay, I have readers!