Friday, June 11, 2010


Even though the day started well with a coffee delivered right to my desk (yay for fancy Gaggia machines making two cappuccinos at the same time so that those with the skills to operate them can make coworkers happy!), I am quite excited that the weekend is near! A long to-do list is already being compiled in my head and I have the unusual hope that it will be rainy so that I'm not tempted to leave the house and be lazy in the sun. (Even though I could deal with it if I had to.)
The only thing missing is TV at home, with the World Cup about to start (yet another danger that could drag me away from my to-do list). Is there any live streaming to be found on the net, I wonder? Or do I have to spend the next weeks in pubs? (Again, the hardships of my life right now seem rather manageable.)

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