Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm a German girl in new York (I'm an alien)

I made it to NYC now, after 30 non-fun minutes as an illegal immigrant ("May I use the bathroom, please?" - "You will first have to discuss that with an officer at the back of the room." - "May I go to the bathroom, please?" - "Just walk out of the room and to your left." So out I walk... or try. "Do you have permission to leave this room, Miss?" - "Would you like me to go and get a written statement from the officer I just asked?" - Evil look. Oops. Thou shalt not be flippant with important US officers. But I did pee with permission, in the end. Oh, and the problem was in their fingerprint scanner, not in my personal background. 
Grrrr, USA, neither your airlines nor your border control win my heart today - when I arrived at the airport this morning, I looked at the screen with the flight times and my 12.30 pm flight displayed a "delayed to 20.30". I spent five blissful seconds thinking that it was an error... then saw the queue. So I stood in line for two hours, during which time the delay was extended by three more hours to 11 hours delay in total. So... I had a free afternoon in Dublin (how very exciting). 

Right now, I will have three hours of rest at the JFK Sheraton. Meh. Will flop down now and try to get as much sleep as I possibly can squeeze out of this, for tomorrow, Detroit awaits me! 

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BeƱat said...

Well, now you can look at the bright side, your pic with Mr. Android worths all that hassle!