Saturday, October 9, 2010

Macbook: now ankonymised

Macbook Pros are pretty, sleek, shiny things. Good! However, when everyone at work has the same pretty, sleek, shiny thing, it can be a bit much of all that elegant aluminium glow and not enough personality. (It's also hard to spot your own in a meeting room.) Macbook decals are a solution - however, Etsy offers
a) a limited selection so even your totally unique new work computer may end up being one in many (the same happened with Gelaskins for our Android phones, even if I love my enamoured owl one)
b) often horrendous shipping costs to good old Europe.

So! All you need is some adhesive plastic film (DIY stores have them), a paper cutter/exacto knife, an idea for a design (using the glowing white apple is tempting) and a lazy Saturday. (If your Macbook has a tendency to crash far more often than your old Windows machine, threatening its innocent fruit logo feels oddly satisfying.)