Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Soon I'll hear old winter's song

I suppose there is no arguing with it: Summer, though it may never have started, is already over. 
12°C in the morning, storms that shake even small mews houses, and leaves that stretch the variation of possible shades of green far too far into yellow for it to seem reversible.
I believe the total count of days of 20°+ this year was about eight. And the "+" means that the maximum was something like 23°. For an hour. Damn you, Ireland, last year I defended your meteorological qualities against the skeptics but this year, I've joined their ranks.
Now off to dig out winter clothes... oh wait, no need: I was pretty much wearing the same stuff year round anyway.

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Anonymous said...

this sounds like my kind of weather. perhaps I should move to dublin? I'm on the opposite side of dilemma.. I live in Southern California and can't wear the sweaters I knit as much as I want. It's a good thing that I get cold very easily :)