Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ireland in a nutshell #1

Ireland 2
2.5 years in this country, not enough blog posts. That needs to change! Right now:

One of the first things I noticed here is a job that is immensely popular in Irish shopping streets but that I had never seen elsewhere: Holding up signs. 

It's a bit unusual that this guy has a multi-purpose sign for three shops - a symptom of the crisis, maybe? - because usually, it is one person per sign and one sign per shop. And usually they stand around in groups, blocking pedestrian traffic and chatting with other sign holders - because their job is just to make sure the sign is upright. Their job description does not include encouraging people to visit the shops. Because that's the sign's job. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me how much I love Ireland. Well, in summer that is, sorry...

Funnily enough I didn't notice any sign holders when I was there, but maybe that's because I visited smaller towns. I'm guessing the picture was taken in Dublin?

Love the post, can't wait for Ireland in a nutshell #2.

Anke said...

Oh, there are summers in Ireland? ;)

It's very possible that it is a Dublin thing - this was taken in Grafton street (the posher pedestrian area), but Henry street (more average high street) also has quite a few sign holders.