Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hibernian hibernation

At this point, Ireland owes me three summers. As you can see in the eloquence of the WhatsApp message there, the sudden onset of wintery conditions hinders my ability to speak (or write), forcing me to communicate solely in emoticons and interpunction.
It has warmed up a bit since last week so that I feel more talkative again, but in the meantime, viruses decided to make a home of my respiratory system. I've spent a few days extremely bored, lying around at home and feeling a wee bit sorry for myself.
Especially because only the first season of Downton Abbey is on Netflix, and I finished watching it, and so I was suddenly left with cliffhangers and quite a bit of my sweater left to knit.
The sweater, slowly taking shape
I've been feeling very Irish about my choice of Donegal Tweed yarn and cabled pattern. I might even make some progress before it is summer again (well, "summer"). I do hope that it's not too baggy - should this end up looking like a sack, I'm not sure I'll feel motivated to re-knit it in a smaller size.

What else?
  • I have the German theme song of Doctor Snuggles stuck in my head, for unknown reasons - I'm not sure I've watched this show since the 80s.
  • I wonder why I always feel totally excited about the idea of taking up running when I'm in bed sick (maybe because that's a safe moment to consider it: no danger of having to act on those brilliant intentions).
  • I want to play around with Instagram photos and make them into neat printed products.
  • I've drunk about 4 liters of red chili, fresh ginger, lemon juice and honey in hot water. Good for sore throats, more interesting than hot lemon.
  • I've also tried to make a brownie in a mug in the microwave. Hm. It turned out edible but not entirely convincing - it was a bit overcooked, and olive oil may be a bit too strong for this, but considering it does make some chocolatey goo in only 1 minute in the microwave (1:30 was too long!), it's still quite okay.

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Imogen said...

Sorry things are so germ-y in Ireland... Take care and keep up the hot chili and lemon brewing.