Tuesday, January 22, 2013

i grobot, day 1

i grobot, Tag 1, originally uploaded by ankonym.
The office sees more of me than my apartment (in waking hours), and so I'm trying to make this place friendly and welcoming. While I do have an assortment of calendars, Super Mario mushrooms and android figurines, my desk was missing something live and growing. My first idea (a friendly litte lemur, who might also take on small unloved chores) fell through, but then I got something equally cool for my birthday: an iGrobot.
He's still a bit shy, and just like every new starter here, didn't dare to come to his first day at the office with a crazy hairstyle. But if all goes well, he'll soon have a wild green 'do. I'll keep encouraging him with occasional sips of water. Gro, bot! Gro!

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