Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back to work (but not for long)

Edward Monkton: Penguin of DeathHm. Good intentions, and still this blog went quiet - let's get back to work! (In the meantime, I even took pictures, and travelled to Spain and Cologne, just the updating suffered... I might sneakily backdate and update and make the gaping hole seem less dramatic.) That is, until next week, when I go on a two-week vacation to France, hopefully without falling victim to the poisonous algae in Brittany.
But for now, it's still office life for me, with a view of the weather that is now just as Irishly moist as advertised. But the desk is dry, and my Penguin of Death (as a greeting card behind the link) by Edward Monkton seems to enjoy himself tremendously. Or maybe he's just plotting someone's death. I can't be sure, his smile is rather enigmatic.


Imogen said...

Penguin is distinctly spooky. Your mystery plant is (well, was) a Santolina species - not sure which one. Working in a botanical garden has its benefits!
Have a great trip to France.

Anke said...

Ah, thank you! I'm sure that botanical gardens have benefits - I still miss my Berlin balcony quite a bit, with its brave nasturtiums and nameless yet pretty "red seed mix" that I planted years ago.
Penguin is quite friendly! But your not the first one to point out his spookiness.

Rumour has it that summer weather is nicer over on your island - I hope it stays that way!

Anke said...
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Imogen said...

Hmm... mainland Britain summer weather... There's potential for a whole blog in that (probably several already exist). I guess it hasn't rained too much lately, which is good - provided you aren't a gardener. Do you have Irish rain?