Thursday, July 22, 2010

Let me point something out

1278008480552 Arrows are overrated! Use more hands!
But I actually wanted to point out something else. I realised a while ago that my name for this project was misleading: I called it Poladroid and felt very original about it. How wrong was I! Turns out there is software by that name out there (free and pretty nice - get Poladroid here and turn your pictures into virtual polaroids, much like that one above).

My friendly little virtual polaroids, however, were made using the only Android app I have ever paid for (and went through some trouble to do it, even: It required borrowing a German sim card for my phone because Ireland, absurdly, does not offer paid apps for Android yet) - but I digress! What I really wanted to say is: If you have an Android phone, get Vignette. It is an awesome camera application that lets you tweak the picture right on your phone (like, for example, add virtual polaroid frames), but for those less amused with this than me, there are lots of other lighting options. Tilt-shift photos! Colour filters! Really, I obviously like it a lot or I would not be writing promotional copy here.
Also, thanks to Tomek for first telling me about it (visit his excellent Wroclaw photo blog too).

All that to say that I am now renaming my idea to "polandroid". I'm not sure I'll stick to the polaroid frames forever, but for the moment, it represents the fact that I have neglected my blog horribly but tried to find my way back into that habit by taking, well, instant pictures rather than dedicating time and effort to photoshopping and other such time-consuming enhancement techniques.

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