Saturday, September 25, 2010

T-Shirt: Now with added Blesshuhn.

Blesshühner (Eurasian coots, for those whose ornithological German isn't fluent) are beautiful, stylish creatures. The Queen of England may well own all swans in her country - I just lay claim to Eurasian coots (and not just in England, either, and they have it better: I do not plan on eating them. I have it worse: I do not yet have a Coot Upper, whereas the Queen employs qualified personnel in the form of Royal Swan Uppers. I am not kidding, either: Read about it under the link; it takes you to her homepage.)

I decided that swans get far too much attention - they get their own ballet, kitschy glass souvenirs, pastries, and odd, fluffy dresses on Hollywood carpets. Coots, on the other hand, are shockingly underrepresented outside, well, ponds.
This had to change.

And so I dedicated a lazy Saturday evening to the debut of coots into the world of fashion, with the help of two t-shirts, red zigzag stitch and some reverse appliqué. Zaz, I say.(*)

(*) Zaz is what you get if you touch-type Yay on an English keyboard when you are used to the QWERTZ layout.

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Imogen said...

Coots are cute, and so much fun to watch. Does "blesshuhn" mean "bless hen", or something more mundane?