Saturday, October 13, 2012

Outrunning the rain

I've lived in Ireland for nearly three years now, and one thing seems suprisingly consistent: Saturday mornings tend to be sunny, and then, at some point in the afternoon, the rain has enough of all that weekend rest and resumes work. If you're from the continent (...and I guess it shows I've been here a while if I call it that...), you may be used to starting your sunny weekends slowly: A slow, late breakfast, finishing that book, maybe a bit of laundry before you head outside? WRONG, I tell you, if you reside on this island, where the weather is even less reliable than you might ever think. If it's sunny, GET OUT. So on this particular weekend, we were smarter than the lurking clouds, decided to move our brunch to the coast, and hopped onto the DART train to Dun Laoghaire. Great food at White Tea (a bit Avoca-ish, but less overpriced), and then a stroll around the harbor in the sunshine (warm enough for ice cream!). The clouds slowly moved in from the North and gave us some pretty rainbows to pass the time on the DART ride home, but we made it to our house a few minutes before they arrived over Ballsbridge. Perfect! (And then, off to bed with something flu-ish. But it can't be for the lack of fresh air!)

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Anonymous said...

oh wow! love the pictures!

Imogen said...

It all looks absolutely beautiful, but I was sorry to see the reference to flu at the end. Hope you're feeling better soon...